Matcha green tea

Ever heard of matcha? Basically, it is a type of green tea that is very good for you. It is very popular in Japan, and during the past decade, it managed to find its way into our culture as well. And with good reason.

Matcha green tea powder is made using nothing but the plant’s leaves, which are full of antioxidants and other very beneficial substances.

As far as in 2017, matcha tea is one of the best healthy products to invest in: it’s easy to forecast growth for this nutra niche in the next months / years.

So if you want to be a lot healthier, consider trying some of the following products.

Matcha green tea drinks

matcha green tea powder

One of the most popular ways of consuming matcha is drinking it. And there is no need to worry even if you think you wouldn’t like matcha tea. Maybe you prefer iced tea or perhaps you are more of a coffee person.

Either way, you have plenty of options. You can use the matcha green tea powder to make matcha iced tea or matcha coffee. And any time you feel the need to get even more creative, you only need to remember that the powder can be made into matcha hot chocolate, matcha latte, matcha smoothie or even a matcha energy drink. The powder is equally effective, regardless of the way you use it, which is one of the best things about matcha green tea.

So let your imagination run wild and enjoy your unique matcha green tea latte knowing that it can only make you healthier!

Matcha food

Matcha Green tea desserts

Matcha Green tea desserts

If you are more of a foodie, you will be glad to hear that matcha green tea powder can be used in cooking as well. And to make it even better, it goes great with a wide range of other ingredients.

People love using it to make all kinds of dough,  matcha bread is not only delicious, but extremely beneficial to your health. If you prefer sweets, on the other hand, simply try one of the many existing matcha desserts.

There is matcha buttercream, matcha cheesecake and matcha cookies. If you like to experiment, you can even try making your own matcha chocolate. It will probably be the healthiest chocolate you have ever tried. But these are not your only options, of course. Just like with drinks, you can use matcha green tea powder to make anything that pops into your head!

Other uses for matcha green tea powder

Eating and drinking matcha aren’t the only ways to benefit from this powder’s health-restoring properties.

You can always do a matcha detox or try a matcha face mask. The former might help you lose weight, while the latter will provide your skin with a very attractive glow.

All in all, this is an incredibly healthy substance that could do you no harm, regardless of your gender or age. It has even been shown that it is good for women to drink matcha during pregnancy. Thousands of people from all over the world have great respect for this plant. This is why in some cities you can find matcha bars, and in some places, they even hold special matcha festivals!

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