E-commerce with PHP and MySQL, pros and cons of open source solutions

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As PHP Developer I’m often working on e-commerce solutions. Thanks to internet developing e-commerce is increasing as yearly turnover, which means more and more users buy things on-line, not only on biggest sites (such as Amazon.com or eBay) but also on smallest websites.

Supposing you have a physical shop, it’s time you start to think about having also an on-line presence in order to increase your potential turnover. Your competitors might already be online, why you shouldn’t be there?

At this time there is one big question to give a reply: which solution is the best one for me? An open source e-commerce or a proprietary solution, developed on my needs? In my personal opinion, I prefer the second one, for several reasons I’m going to explain in this post. Before that I’m gonna discuss about pros and cons of open source solutions, such as Magento, OpenCart or ZenCart.

Pros of open source e-commerce platform

  • they’re free
  • they’re quick to install so you can start very soon to sell your stuff on-line
  • stop

Cons of open source e-commerce platform

  • they are too generalized and might be not the perfect solution for your needs
  • they have quite often too much functions you’ll never use in your daily work, so why should have them?
  • they might generated more heavy pages, which means a search engine spider might take more to download your page
  • if you need to change something for any reason it can be a quite tricky thing to do
  • they might have poor official assistance (otherwise they may have a good community of users and developers, but you need to understand what you’re doing before doing any change)

After said that, why I prefer “ad hoc” solutions?

Cons of “ad hoc” e-commerce platform

  • they might be expensive
  • it takes longer to develop the solution and to test it

Otherwise there are several pros I’m going to take into consideration:

Pros of open source e-commerce platform

  • it’s the perfect solution for your company, no matter what you sell
  • it’s always what you’re looking for, completely customizable on your needs
  • no frills, which means you have only the functions you need
  • if you need to add any function for any reasons, it’s quite easier and quicker (of course the best if to ask any modification to the PHP Developer who made first the e-commerce platform as he/she knows what has been done)
  • pages are most of time lighter than those created by an open source solution, which means search engine spider can crawl easier and quicker
  • it can be “mobile-friendly” exactly as you want and as you need

As said, in my opinion the customizable solution is the right one for the companies which want to invest in a stronger on-line position… should you would like to discuss about that, you can contact me via comments below :)


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