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Best Duplicate Contents Checker Tools

Checking regularly our contents to be sure they're still unique is important in our long-term search engine visibility strategy. Let's have a look at some of the best tools. Page Updated Regularly with new tools and latest informations about those already published.

GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark while typing, what is that?

span class= GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark

mmm… I was typing a post in WordPress and started to notice this HTML tag starting to appear inside my code.

By doing a quick research on Google i’ve found that depends from this Chrome extension. Basically, it’s an extension that allow to check if english grammar is correctly written. It’s quite useful […]

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    E-commerce with PHP and MySQL, pros and cons of open source solutions

E-commerce with PHP and MySQL, pros and cons of open source solutions

As PHP Developer I’m often working on e-commerce solutions. Thanks to internet developing e-commerce is increasing as yearly turnover, which means more and more users buy things on-line, not only on biggest sites (such as or eBay) but also on smallest websites.

Supposing you have a physical shop, it’s time you start to think […]

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    Google Maps Street View Faulty in London UK, nearby Victoria Station

Google Maps Street View Faulty in London UK, nearby Victoria Station

Sometimes Google Maps Street View can be quite strange in displaying its images. Can happen that not all the images are sequential and, when I see one of those images, the only thing I think is “???”.

Street View, for those who do not know, is a great mix of pictures shot by the Google […]

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How to Clear Cache from Firefox

Yesterday I’ve had a need: clean the cache from my Firefox browser. I’m on a (not so) flaming MacBook Pro Retina (I’ll discuss about this topic in the future maybe).

Well, this task is easier than I was thinking.
How to open Firefox preferences
First all, I need to go to Firefox preferences, by simply clicking on […]

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Dealey Plaza, 50 years later

Today of 50 years ago was the day when President Dallas has been assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald (or, that is said by official papers).

That is a screenshot taken by Google Maps of that place today, 50 years later.

The building on the left (the brown one) is the Texas School Book Depository. From the […]

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Where is the Exact Starting Point for Route 66 in Chicago?

The Route 66, also known as the mother road, is one of the most famous streets in the USA and in the world. One of the dreaming trips I would like to¬† do at least once in my lifetime is a USA Coast to Coast. One of the POI of that trip will be, […]

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Page Break Shortcut for Microsoft Word on Mac

Just a quick “reminder post” to remind me the shortcut to have a page break on Microsoft Word for Mac:
Shift + cmd + return
Bless shortcuts!

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When the Soccer Dies…

I’m not a soccer fan (well, to be honest I was, until Calciopoli) but I still like the game itself, both watching it (above all I like to have a look at World Cup and European Cup) and playing it (at the moment only in a virtual way, on the iPhone). If I think […]

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How to allow Javascript from the Smart Search Field in Safari

One of the latest discoveries I’ve done is that Safari does not allow, by default, javascript code in the Smart Search Field. To be honest, I do not know if is a new security measure, what I know is that before the installation of Mavericks (OSX 10.9) I was able to do it, now […]

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